MOBILE: What You Get

We provide a fully-hosted, done-for-you solution.

You don’t have time to muck around trying to build a mobile site yourself, and your web designer is an expert at ‘web sites’, not mobile optimization.

Features of your VueMyBiz mobile friendly site include:

  • landing page with finger-friendly navigation buttons
  • click-to-call button
  • click-to-email button
  • click-to-text button (optional)
  • interactive map to your location
  • hours of operation
  • information about your services
  • information about your products
  • contact form

In addition, you will also receive:

  • code for your existing site that will redirect mobile users to the mobile version – you or your current webmaster will be able to easily add this code
  • a QR code that you can use anywhere – business card, signs, vehicles, ads. When customers scan your QR code they will be directed to your mobile website
  • monthly hosting includes simple content updates

Our Process

Our designers will review your current website in order to recreate the overall ‘look-and-feel’ while maintaining the simplicity and fast-loading file sizes required on a mobile site.

Then our content specialists will evaluate the information on your current site, and reformulate it into a more concise version that will work on your mobile site.

The VueMyBiz team will then assemble your new mobile site.